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Annual Anodizing Conference & Exposition

2015 AAC Conference date and location will be posted soon.
Please check back shortly for updated information.

Student Poster Sessions


The AAC Poster Session provides a forum where students engaged in surface science, surface treatment, electrochemical processes and other metals work present their research in such technologies to an audience of industry professionals. The goal is to present academic and industrial-related research, as well as developments in the field of metal surface science and technology, to all registrants.

2011 marked the first year for poster sessions at the AAC Annual Anodizing Conference. The poster sessions have demonstrated the ingenuity of our participating students. In both 2011 and 2012, students used their posters to display creative uses of anodization and covered a broad spectrum of topics. Successful student entries at these conferences enable student entries to receive even more exposure to a wide audience of metal industry professionals.

AAC held its second student poster session at the 2012 Aluminum Week Conference in Chicago, Illinois. The Academic committee collected entries for the event, and eight of the entries were on hand to present their posters to the three judges. In the end, three posters were chosen as equal winners, with one honorable mention.


2012 Winners:

Krystaufeux Williams, Pennsylvania State University, Mechanistic Evaluation of SCC in Sensitized and Unsensitized Specimens of AA5083 Using Localized Probing Techniques

Anthony Ventura and Meghan Casey, Lehigh University -- Pennsylvania, Anodic Aluminum Oxide (AAO) Membranes for Directed Neurite Outgrowth

Benjamin Mouls, Université de Toulouse – France, Green Processes of Etching and Anodizing Magnesium Alloys for Aeronautical Applications

Honorable Mention:

Sang-yeob Sung, University of Minnesota, Fabrication of Long Range Order Periodic Nanostructures


Information on the Student Poster Session winners can be found in the Awards and Recognition section of the website.