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The Call for Papers is an ongoing process for which anyone may submit an abstract, paper, or speaker recommendation for consideration at any time. We ask that abstracts be submitted by the last business day in April of the same year in which the conference is taking place so as to have time to develop the final paper for publication in the Proceedings.

Suggested Topics Previous Topics

The Council seeks papers covering a range of anodizing-related subjects to ensure that delegates are offered the most innovative and timely information at the conference. As a reference, the suggested topics list above includes subjects gleaned from previous Anodizing Conference evaluation forms.



Our goal is to provide a comprehensive reference tool for each conference registrant to take home.

  • All presentations must be noncommercial. See presentation guidelines for specifics.
  • A technical paper is expected to support each presentation.
  • If you have prepared a paper for a past program, an update or revision may be acceptable.

Education Committee Determines Conference Content

The Education Committee will outline the content for the next Anodizing Conference at the Winter Meetings. A few key topics likely to be of interest to all registrants will be identified, as will a number of specific-interest presentations for the Focus Sessions to be conducted over the two days of educational programming. If you are a member and would like to participate in the process by volunteering for committee service, please sign up using the volunteer service form found in the Members Only section of this website.